DESCīs mission is its reason for being. It’s “what” and “what for” are the
fundamentals. The mission is common to all of its personnel and it is critical that each employee thoroughly understands it so that all of our activities remain focused and aligned.

Our Mission

Create value in a sustainable and satisfactory manner for our stakeholders through the effective management of our dynamic business portfolio.

The expression, create value implies primarily that in all of its actions, DESC creates a tangible benefit for all of its stakeholders, and specifically its shareholders. In principle, this concept can be directly related to the value of the Groups stock, and more importantly, to the value of the DESC brand name, which is an expression of the recognition and economic value that its investors place with the company.

It is important to mention however that although financial indicators are tools used to determine the value of the company, DESC derives its true value from the decisions made by the individuals that form part of the group and the corresponding actions taken. In short, the real value created is a result of the work realized by each of its companies. Therefore, the processes that result in the creation of value should be a source of satisfaction for those who obtain the benefits, including shareholders, partners, clients, employees, suppliers and the members of the communities in which we operate. Specifically, the benefit for shareholders is the guarantee of an adequate economic return; for our business partners, the security to be associated with a company that consistently creates value.

Our clients can be assured of the high quality of the products and services that we provide; our employees benefit from forming part of an organization that represents stability, security and a promising future. Our suppliers receive an opportunity to work with an upright and responsible client, focused on providing a mutual benefit. The members of the communities in which we operate become wealth generators by benefiting from the jobs and services provided by DESC which provides a positive development and higher quality of life where they live.