Our Values

The performance of each and every one of the DESC employees should be consistent with the values that guide our behavior:


We consistently aim to ensure the congruency between our thoughts, our words and our actions, while maintaining win-win relationships. We identify with the three variables of integrity: material, which refers to the responsibility and transparency in the allocation of resources; intellectual, which implies a commitment to express ourselves with honesty, in what we think and believe; and moral, which maintains that we respect the ethical norms, while keeping present the consequences that our actions have on the ability to achieve our function.


We operate according to DESC’s mission, vision, values and business objectives. We align ourselves with its systems by orienting our actions, work and responsibilities, inside and outside of the company, to benefit the organization and its stakeholders.


We assume the commitment of ensuring that we are always the best in what we do. To that end, we are key actors in determining the parameters of performance, quality and service in our business environment.

Team Work

We unite talent and effort to achieve our common objectives because we consider collaboration a key factor in being competitive. This allows us to join together experience, knowledge and ability to achieve results.

Change Readiness

Through constantly searching for new and improved business practices, with the end goal of bettering all of our processes, we can actively contribute to the ensuring of a growing value for the organization.

Code of ethics